My Journey

My personal change journey started in 2012 while I was in graduate school. I had been significantly overweight/obese most of my life, and I was fed up.  I made several major decisions to change my life and make my health a priority. I had previously tried every crash diet and weight loss challenge which worked short-term but left me feeling so deprived that I would end up giving up and gaining the weight back (plus some). I realized that sustainable change takes time and patience. Seven years later, I have been able to maintain my weight (with some fluctuations) by truly embracing a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.  To me this means an 80/20 approach so I can still enjoy the things I love because life without the occasional craft beer and French fries is not one I want to be part of. 

My experience has motivated me to complete the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition – a program that embraces the small, meaningful change approach.  I would love to help you next!